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 Terms of Donations

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PostSubject: Terms of Donations   Tue Apr 18, 2017 4:15 pm

We do not offer money refunds. If you feel there is an error on our end please refer to our support thread or email us at "highrealmservers@gmail.com"

We do not offer donation transfers from other servers and communities.

By donating to HighRealm you are gifting the owner money which may be used to improve the community and you consent to all our terms. If you are curious to what this may mean you may file a help ticket on our forums and/or email us at "highrealmservers@gmail.com"

If you are using another person's money to donate for a product off our servers, you agree by completing the purchase that you do have their permission to use their money for this transaction. The owner of HighRealm and the Staff at HighRealm will not be responsible for any misuse or illegal actions that is partaken by the donator.

By buying anything on our servers you agree that you will not chargeback or attempt to refund any of your transactions through PayPal. Doing so will result in a permanent ban from our servers and blacklisting from any partnered communities.

We have the right to change any package at any time for any reason including stopping of a server or package without any notice. 

Permanent packages refer to the length of time that a server is active. If we do decide to discontinue a server there will be no compensation. If the user is banned for breaking the server or community rules and guidelines there will be no compensation under any circumstances.

Only make payment through the Prometheus page which may be accessed in game by typing "!donates" or go to the following URL "http://highrealmservers.donations.gmchosting.com/"

The owner of HighRealm Servers nor the staff at HighRealm will be held responsible for any problems regarding where the money came from for donations nor who donated and the amount donated. We are not entitled to refund and donation no matter the amount donated.


By donating you agree to all terms stated.

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Terms of Donations
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