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 Community Guidelines/Rules

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PostSubject: Community Guidelines/Rules   Thu Apr 13, 2017 8:37 am

HighRealm MilRP Community Rules and Guidelines

You are to respect other players and to maintain good behavior with other players and staff at HighRealm alike. You are to follow and respect all of the rules and guidelines.

Legitimate hateful remarks outside of RP intended to hurt another person or group of persons will not be tolerated in or out of our community. If there is a conflict or feud please consult our "File a Report" page. From there we can help resolve the problem to the best of our ability.

Discrimination including, but not limited to race/ethnicity, religion, financial standing, social status, and mental or physical state will not tolerated under any circumstances and will be dealt with accordingly.
(Keep in mind things that may seem hateful may be said in-character and in RP, but they may be disregarding according to their nature, if you believe you are being targeted and feel as if it's outside RP contact staff and the situation will be evaluated)

Advertising/Promoting any
network/server/community outside of our own is strictly prohibited and immediate action will be taken. If you have donated or contributed to our server in any way, you are NOT liable for a refund of any kind. Advertising/Promoting includes posting external links in chat, anything in character name or description that mentions another community/server.
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Community Guidelines/Rules
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